Good Leaders. Kind Hearts. Stellar Service.

As former property managers who frequently utilized temporary staff, the owners of Stars Staffing Group, LLC., Alicia & Joe Vennes, understand the importance of having trained interim employees at their properties. There is nothing more frustrating than stand-ins who do not understand the complexities of the property management industry.

As a result, the Stars Staffing Group Team must undergo rigorous training in order to be placed at a property and is accompanied by Alicia or Joe to their first placement in order to minimize liability for both our team and yours. Our teams have access to both of the Owners of Stars Staffing Group, LLC. at all times, ensuring that your asset is protected with or without your immediate attention.

Office and maintenance teams at Stars Staffing Group, LLC. participate in the following in-house training programs:
• New Hire Orientation

◦ Introduction to Stars and the property management industry.
◦ Fair Housing 101
◦ Building Maintenance & Emergency Preparedness
◦ Landlord Tenant Laws & Forms
◦ Understanding Screening Criteria
◦ Leasing 101
◦ Proper Documentation & Incident Reports
◦ Day to Day Procedures

• Stars Advanced Forms & Notices
• Stars Tax Credit 101
• Stars Hoarding Awareness
• Stars Compassionate Communication & Conflict Resolution
• Stars File Security
• Stars Fair Housing for Maintenance Technicians
• Stars Maintenance for Managers
• Stars Sexual Harassment & Dress Code Requirements

The Stars Team participates in the following training provided by local apartment associations:
• MFNW Landlord Tenant Law Part 1

• MFNW Landlord Tenant Law Part 2

• MFNW New Hire Orientation

• MFNW Fair Housing

• MFNW Spectrum Educational Conference

• Oregon AHMA’s Education Conference

The combination of training by in-house personnel and our industry colleagues allows for a team of stellar associates that understands the industry while managing and maintaining properties.